We provide business and financial advice to organizations and individuals so they are best able to achieve their financial goals. Entrepreneurs have complex and sophisticated needs, so we offer year-round service that is tailored to each client. We are small enough to be flexible, yet large enough to meet your needs. Resilience Partners offers the following services:

  • Monthly Financial Statements: Financial statements tell the story of your business by communicating financial information to both you and your funders. We provide clients with monthly statements to help them eliminate wasteful spending and budget appropriately for the future.
  • Budget Assistance: We can help you create a budget for your business that will provide a guideline for expected income and expenses. By budgeting effectively, you are able to compare your financial targets with actual results.  
  • Payroll Services: Our payroll services professionals are well versed on the constantly changing payroll laws and regulations. We can alert you to changes that will affect your business and employees and also will keep payroll running smoothly regardless of the size of your business.  
  • Project Based Accounting: We can work with you to establish budgetary controls and realistic budgets to achieve your financial objectives. If you have received a grant, we will help you implement effective systems for monitoring your budgetary performance to ensure successful management of your funding obligations.
  • Program Budget Forecasting: Forecasting is a planning tool that can help you think strategically and identify funding needs for your organization. We can help you develop a list of possible income and expense scenarios so your business can meet its financial obligations.